Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for an order to be processed?
Typically, it takes between one to two weeks from the time you place an order to the moment it gets delivered.

What are the shipping costs?
Good news – shipping is free to the majority of locations in Japan.

Do you ship to US military bases in Japan?
Yes, we do! However, we do recommend contacting us before ordering so we can confirm there will be no problems with shipping to you.

Which payment methods do you accept?
We currently accept PayPal, Credit cards and Bank transfer (domestic and international). Just be aware that some payment methods may incur additional fees.

Where are you located?

We call Kanagawa, Japan, our home.

How can I ensure I'm ordering the right PC?
Have questions? We've got answers! Feel free to shoot your inquiries through our contact us page, whether they're simple or more complex.

Are there any extra costs for custom builds compared to pre-built ones?
Nope! When it comes to custom builds, there are no added service costs.

I have my own parts but I'm having trouble building my PC, can you help?
Absolutely! Take advantage of our parts mail-in service, and we'll build your PC using the components you send our way. For details, hit us up on our contact us page.

I already own a PC but it has stopped working, can you help?
Certainly! Beyond building, we offer PC repair services. Connect with us via our contact us page for more details.

I'm looking for a PC, but it's not for gaming. Do you exclusively focus on gaming PC builds?
Not at all! Whether it's for gaming, video editing, office tasks, or other needs, we can craft a PC to suit your requirements. 

Do you have a physical store location?
Although we would love to meet our customers and provide our services face to face, we currently do not have a physical store location and we are based online only. This helps us reduce our overhead costs which in turn allows us to provide cheaper prices to our customers.

How do I contact you?
In order to provide our best service, we have consolidated all our communication through the contact us page. Outside of holidays, most inquiries will be responded to within 24-48 hours. We do not currently have a customer service telephone number.

Can I upgrade a PC that PC BUILD JAPAN has built in the future?
Yes! We've got you covered for future upgrades. We steer clear of proprietary parts, giving you the flexibility to enhance your PC either through us or on your own. Your PC, your way!

I run a business and need multiple PCs built, is this something PC BUILD JAPAN is able to do?
If you need multiple PCs for your business, we've got you covered. Just contact us with your requirements, and we'll take it from there.