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Our goal at PC BUILD JAPAN is to make each and every one of our customers happy. This is why we do what we do. Below you will find legitimate reviews of actual customers that have used our service.
From now on, all our valued customers will be able to share their reviews directly on Google for added transparency. You will still be able to see the previous reviews we received before we made the transition to Google Reviews below.
Previous PC Build Reviews
"I am super happy with the job you did on my pc. I gave you my budget, idea of what brands and you had a list for me the next day. Great communication, speedy build and I'm writing this on my new rig, a week after we finalized. Outstanding job, PC BUILD JAPAN and your whole team."
"My honest opinion is I am really satisfied. Even if I am not well versed in computer stuff but still managed to have a custom made PC, it was really an amazing experience. Also, the customer service is really kind and would respond quickly to my question and my preferences. They also provided explanations in simple terms to which I can understand easily. Overall the product came out to be great and just like how I wanted."
"Working with PC BUILD JAPAN eliminated the hassle of tracking down parts locally and saved me a lot of time comparing prices. The team responded quickly, often within just a couple of hours, and communicated with me each step of the way from the moment I submitted my parts list and until the computer successfully arrived at my door. The team is knowledgeable and helped offer some suggestions to further optimize my suggested item list so that I could have the best experience out of my machine."
"10/10! PC BUILD JAPAN's customer service, and computer builds are outstanding! They were quick to respond to my query, easy to communicate with during the build process, and incredibly accommodating to both my needs and budget. If you're looking for a gaming PC in Japan you really can't go wrong with this company!"
"PC BUILD JAPAN is just great! 
I'm an artist, who runs a small studio art business, where I needed to upgrade my laptops to a more powerful desktop PC build to expand into 3D. 
The bulk of my work was still going to be 2D though, so I was very wary about what build I needed to get. I also didn't have the confidence or time to build my own PC. 
I asked PC BUILD JAPAN to suggest a build based on my business needs and software preferences at a specific budget. 
From the first email to typing this review the entire process took just under two weeks. Amazing!
The team at PC BUILD JAPAN is super helpful and offers loads of good advice - that helps you build the right PC for you, at the right budget and form for function.
They have also answered all questions I have had post-delivery and offered great support with links and suggestions.
It's a rare thing these days to receive such good personal service, and PC BUILD JAPAN delivers on all fronts!"
“I needed to get a PC quickly and didn’t have the time to assemble my own. When I was looking for decent prebuilt options in Japan, I found some of the prebuilt options expensive for what they offered. That was when I stumbled on PC BUILD JAPAN’s website. They made the whole process seamless. Response time was very quick and we were able to get everything including receiving the computer in a matter of days. If I ever need a custom job done again, I would definitely use PC BUILD JAPAN once more.”
"PC BUILD JAPAN was especially appealing to an American like me since they speak fluent English. They always gave timely responses to my emails and inquiries and were very thorough during the process of billing and building my PC. I highly recommend them if you are a foreigner living in Japan, looking for the guys who can put your paycheck to use building a quality computer just for you."
"PC BUILD JAPAN does a wonderful job of building a PC that not only fits your budget, but is tailored towards meeting your specific PC goals. They give thorough breakdowns of all the components they plan to use and are open to slight changes and adjustments without too much hassle. Even better is the quick turnaround time from first message to the PC arriving at my doorstep. Overall, a great service for those looking into custom built PCs!"
"The experience was quick, easy and pain free. Very friendly and responsive staff who provided to my every need. Great experience!"
"PC BUILD JAPAN took the hard work out of getting my dream PC. They were super easy to work with and let me fully customize everything. My new PC is super high quality and it completely fits all of my needs! Thank you!"
"Thank you for customizing my build. I had a special request to reuse the working parts I have (from my old pc that suddenly died on me) and you looked for compatible parts. Thank you!"
"PC BUILD JAPAN was very prompt and communicative throughout the whole process! They were very thorough and made sure to provide me with everything I needed. They put great care into not just the build itself but also responding to any inquiries, packaging, and shipping. I love my new machine and it runs great! Thank you for everything!"
"Fantastic service, the build was completed much quicker than I expected and was delivered exactly when I needed it! This is my first gaming PC so I had a few questions which were answered quickly. Everything was good to go out of the box. Very friendly and efficient service, would highly recommend!"
"Truth be told, I was a bit apprehensive choosing them, as it is a small, remote company without much information or communication options available. I absolutely did NOT want to fall prey to some scam and have thousands of dollars in nice PC components stolen from me. I went ahead with the build, and shipped the parts. To their credit, I received very polite, prompt and regular communication from PC BUILD JAPAN, and I'd say that I experienced a painless process (except for my own manufactured anxieties). Their professional approach and prompt communication helped to change my mind, and help me to trust them completely. Most of the waiting time I experienced was due to some snafus with 3rd party sellers on Amazon when acquiring parts. Even with a few of those road bumps, the build was done promptly, and the shipping tracking number and explicit package opening instructions were provided about the (free) build shipment. Additionally, my mind was set at ease with their good advice regarding my choices of parts, etc. as well as their testing of the system / parts before shipment of the finished product. I got a fantastic build at a more than reasonable cost and I'm sure this powerhouse machine will serve me well for years to come."
"PC BUILD JAPAN was a joy to work with, not only did they make great suggestions for my build they also were in constant communication throughout the process which helped me feel at easing ordering from them. There was a real level of professionalism and attention to detail with every part of the process and I'm happy to say everything arrived in perfect condition and the PC started up with no issues. I would highly recommend them not only for someone who's never had a gaming PC but also for people who have done builds themselves but want to save the hassle when upgrading. If you're looking for a custom builder in Japan you should absolutely go with PC BUILD JAPAN."
"In terms of my experience, all questions are answered promptly. Didn't experience any problem from the initial contact up to reception of the built PC. As someone who has little to no knowledge of PC building, the pre-builts are solid and cost effective. Thank you."
"I was really happy with the service. Being able to have a build that incorporates my existing parts was really important for me. I was very impressed with how friendly and responsive the staff were. Really knowledgeable and I loved how there could be a back and forth about what parts may or may not be suitable, based on my needs. No pushy sales! Was very happy with the build and the price."
"This is my first time buying a custom built PC and was kinda nervous whether I can get it built exactly with the specs/requirements that I have in mind. But PC BUILD JAPAN was really thorough when they gave me the list of each pc parts and making sure that it doesn't go way beyond my initial budget. They were really flexible with my requests, or changes that I made too, so the process was really smooth. After the payment, the communication didn't stop there. They told me to not hesitate to email them if I want to know the progress, and they also let me know once the pc was done, so it was really assuring. The pc was delivered within 1~2 weeks, and when it arrived, they put an instruction of what to do before starting the pc, and the packaging itself was nicely done to make sure that nothing breaks during the delivery. Overall, it was a really pleasant experience, and I would definitely recommend them to my friends/families, or if one day I decided to build another one :)"
"Really great to have English support for a complicated thing like PC building here in Japan."
"Process was simple and quick thanks to quick and clear communication. They were very flexible in working with me to achieve best possible build. Would recommend."
"I had a great experience with PC BUILD JAPAN. The team is very helpful, friendly, and respond to inquiries in a timely manner. The final product arrived in great condition."
"As someone who was interested in buying/building a PC but really had no experience in doing such, especially in rural Japan, PC BUILD JAPAN was a major help! Not only were they extremely polite from the beginning of the process to the end, they offered recommendations for different parts that would align with what I was looking for (such as monitors and alike). Because they help build the PC themselves, it took the additional pressure of having to build a PC without any experience off of my shoulders. It made me feel a lot at ease, especially since I could email them throughout the process just to see how everything was going but they ended up finishing rather fast so I didn't need to wait long for my new build to arrive! Which, as an additional perk, PC BUILD JAPAN Japan was super helpful in scheduling a good delivery time and date that would work in my crazy work schedule so it was able to arrive safely and on time. Nothing in the box budged or was damaged, and all boxes for all parts as well as manuals, cords, etc., came included so I could check how everything worked. My PC works just great! I definitely would recommend PC BUILD JAPAN for anyone trying to figure out how to build a PC for the first time (or someone who doesn't have any knowledge or experience in doing such things), or especially for someone who doesn't live near any major cities with access to PC parts other than purchasing online anyways. In total, I'd definitely give them a very easily earned 10/10!"
"Working with PC BUILD JAPAN was a great experience. Communication was great and they're very patient answering questions. Building my PC was quick and the delivery as well. I'd highly recommend PC BUILD JAPAN especially for foreigners who doesn't speak much Japanese to meet what you exactly want in your PC."
"It's really my luck that I have found your service when I'm at a loss and not sure how to proceed with JP site BTOs. Many of them do not offer full customization but more like upgrading some parts like HDD."
"PC BUILD JAPAN offers a one of a kind service in Japan that I was unable to find anywhere else. They offer excellent communication throughout the building process, and provide outstanding quality with their custom builds. If you are looking to build a computer in Japan, I cannot recommend PC BUILD JAPAN enough!"
"I absolutely enjoyed how easy the entire experience was especially because I was able to get frequent communication and updates in English, which was very helpful! 
I will definitely recommend you if I know someone needs a PC built!"
"My new build works amazing and the staff was extremely supportive throughout the process. I highly recommend using PC BUILD JAPAN."
"I thought PC BUILD JAPAN was great to work with—the delivery time was fairly quick from when I transferred my money (8 days) and the PC I received works great. It is a bit loud while running, but the FPS and graphics I expected are all great which makes me a satisfied customer. I’m very pleased with the customer service, it was fantastic: communication and patience from them was phenomenal!"
"Loved the experience, the customer service was nice and helpful, they helped me find exactly what I wanted and respected my budget!"
"Getting a PC through PC BUILD JAPAN was a super positive experience. As someone who doesn't know a lot about computers, PC BUILD JAPAN made it so easy for me to get exactly what I was looking for, and my computer came out better than I could have expected. The process was very fast and efficient, and communicating with the team was really easy. I got updated on how the build was going throughout the process, and I had my new PC within two weeks of ordering it. There was also no problem getting it safely shipped to me up in Hokkaido. I highly recommend PC BUILD JAPAN for anyone who is looking for an awesome custom built PC."
"I am delighted with my PC from PC BUILD JAPAN. As someone who knows very little about PCs, I greatly appreciated their advice and know-how in this endeavour. Their communication was great and the build time was exceptional. I would highly recommend PC BUILD JAPAN to anyone who is thinking of getting a custom PC."

"I'm amazed how PC BUILD JAPAN's work was meticulous all along the process, even the packaging and the shipping!
Honestly, I was afraid to order from PC BUILD JAPAN but I'm SO happy to have trusted you. You deserve to have a lot of orders. :)
I will recommend you to anyone who wants a PC and I am happy with my modest contribution to provide for your company. Your service is unique in Japan.
A few years ago I used to build some modest PCs in another country and it was simple to get parts or services to build a PC but in Japan it's difficult. In a computer shop here when you don't want a standard machine they are "scared" and advise you to go to Akihabara."

"I had a specific build that I was afraid that could be misunderstood through the translation, mostly because it could be easily mistaken for a gaming PC and that would be a waste. Luckily finding PC BUILD JAPAN let me ease those worries away since it had English support and I think anyone who can relate to that might feeling better speaking English than Japanese for something as important as a PC.
I found the team really friendly and helpful to me through all the process handling all my questions and small requests, being as considerate as they could and I'm very grateful for everything. Finally and most importantly, I'm really happy with my new PC!"

"Easy to order. Excellent combination of price and quality. Delivery was on time. Also got updates on everything needed. More than satisfied with results!"

"I would wholeheartedly recommend PC BUILD JAPAN to anyone who wants to have a PC built out here in Japan. Customer service was exemplary with clear, timely and friendly communication throughout the process. The build itself is amazing, put together with the greatest care and attention to detail, really tidy cable management, resulting in a computer that performs and looks like a dream! If you're like me and you're looking for a high performing custom build but don't trust yourself enough to do it yourself, or are looking to save yourself some time and hassle, absolutely shoot PC BUILD JAPAN an email and let them work their magic."

"My experience with PC Build Japan has been positive throughout. The initial customization and part specification was extremely easy as they provide their valuable insight into what kind of PC would suit your needs best. Payment was very convenient and they provide two options for payment. The whole build process post-payment took 10 days and they kept me updated on every step of the process. Overall I would recommend this company to anyone who needs a well-built PC with top-notch cable management and careful packaging in Japan."

"5 out of 5 stars. The team from PC Build Japan are like the friends you have who not only know all the latest tech insights but actually revel in it.
Are you looking for a PC to suit your needs? Not sure what to buy or invest in for your business? Lost with all the Japanese product and information (or lack thereof) out there? Don't worry, the tech experts at PC Build Japan will help you every step of the way. From analyzing what you require, to selecting the best parts for your usage, they will custom build your PC to ultimate satisfaction. Whether you're in the market for entry level or premium high end performance PC Build Japan delivers reliability, affordability and professional friendly service.
My personal builder was very helpful. Prompt response times to questions, speedy service and efficient delivery. Definitely recommended for those English speakers in Japan that demand the best in PC Build quality and service."

"My experience with PC BUILD JAPAN was very positive. I needed a machine that could handle heavy 3D work but I did not have much of a computer background. The team was able to answer all my questions and help me put together the best option for my needs. I received the computer within two weeks as promised and everything works perfectly. The communication was fast, efficient and reliable. I will recommend this service to friends without hesitation."

"I found this shop for the first time from a webpage. I tried to contact them by email and gave my desired PC parts information. Then we discussed it many times until I met my final PC parts. This shop is 100% trustworthy. Moreover, they carefully packed and provided products' information within the box. My experience with this shop was satisfactory and well appreciated for building this PC."

"I could not have made a better choice in who to go with to build my PC. The team are fast and extremely professional and answered every single question I had and even offered extra information about things I didn't even think about regarding the build. My pc got here safely and came with everything I needed to get going day one. I absolutely love my build and gaming has never felt more smooth and exciting. The team are definitely my number 1 place to go for all my pc needs and should be yours too."

"Amazing build by the team! So responsive and attentive to all my requests and questions. The entire process from reaching out to them to receiving the PC was about 9 days. I felt really comfortable and totally trusted them through the process. Thoroughly professional and highly recommend them!"

"PCBJ's team helped me get my dream build together! Had great communication both before and after my purchase!"

Previous PC Repair Reviews

"I just wanted to let you know that the PC arrived about 30 minutes ago and we’ve already been able to boot it up successfully.
I wanted to say a massive thank you for all your help as there is a little boy here who is incredibly excited by the fact that his PC is working again!
I will certainly recommend your company to anybody who’s looking for a new PC.
Once again thank you so much."