PC BUILD JAPAN’s Best Mechanical Keyboard Brands of 2023

Mechanical keyboards have gained significant popularity among typists, gamers, and programmers alike due to their exceptional performance, tactile feedback, and durability. As a result, numerous brands have emerged, each offering unique features and designs to cater to specific user preferences. In this article, we will explore some of the best mechanical keyboard brands that excel in typing, gaming, and programming scenarios.

  1. Das Keyboard:

Das Keyboard has established itself as a reputable brand synonymous with quality and precision. Their keyboards boast German engineering, durable construction, and a range of mechanical switches, including the popular Cherry MX switches. Das Keyboard models often feature a minimalist design, prioritizing functionality and simplicity. With their exceptional tactile feedback and comfortable key spacing, Das Keyboard is an excellent choice for programmers and typists seeking a reliable and enjoyable typing experience.

  1. Ducky:

Ducky is renowned for producing high-quality mechanical keyboards that cater to both gaming and typing enthusiasts. Their keyboards are known for their exceptional build quality, customizable RGB lighting, and a variety of switch options, including Cherry MX and Kailh switches. Ducky keyboards often feature a compact and sleek design, making them ideal for programmers who require portability without compromising on performance.

  1. Corsair:

Corsair is a well-established brand in the gaming industry, and their mechanical keyboards have garnered a strong reputation among gamers and typists. Corsair keyboards offer a wide range of options, including different switch types such as Cherry MX and their proprietary switches. They also provide advanced customization features, including programmable macros and vibrant RGB lighting. With their sturdy construction and excellent gaming performance, Corsair keyboards are a popular choice for gamers who value responsiveness and durability.

  1. Filco:

Filco keyboards are highly regarded for their premium build quality and exceptional typing experience. With a focus on simplicity and reliability, Filco keyboards often employ Cherry MX switches and have a minimalistic design. They offer a variety of sizes and layouts, including Tenkeyless (TKL) and compact designs, making them suitable for both typing and programming tasks. Filco keyboards are renowned for their longevity and exceptional key rollover, ensuring accurate input during intense typing sessions.

  1. Leopold:

Leopold is a Korean brand known for its attention to detail and premium craftsmanship. Leopold keyboards feature a robust build, high-quality keycaps, and a variety of switch options, including Cherry MX switches. Their keyboards often incorporate a minimalistic design, focusing on functionality rather than flashy aesthetics. Leopold keyboards are highly regarded among programmers for their reliable performance and ergonomic design, allowing for extended typing sessions with minimal strain.


When it comes to mechanical keyboards for typing, gaming, and programming, these brands stand out for their exceptional quality, performance, and user satisfaction. Whether you prioritize tactile feedback, durability, customizability, or a combination of these features, these brands offer a wide range of options to suit your specific needs. Das Keyboard, Ducky, Corsair, Filco, and Leopold have earned their reputations as some of the best mechanical keyboard brands, and investing in one of their keyboards can significantly enhance your typing, gaming, and programming experiences.

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